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Commercial Landscaping


TruGrass makes the cityscape greener. Common areas, lawns, pet facilities, highway embankments, street and highway medians, rooftops parks and public spaces are made more attractive and functional. TruGrass will reduce or eliminate safety risks and hazards associated with maintenance during high traffic or dangerous conditions. Our TruGrass turf products looks like perfect grass in pristine condition, with virtually no maintenance…no watering, mowing, chemical treatments, aerating, topdressing or edging. TruGrass is more durable than natural grass yet softer and more permeable than a hard surface such as stone or concrete. Designed to be environmentally friendly, TruGrass conserves water and still looks great, 365 days a year


All eight of our TruGrass products have a different look or feel to them to enhance your lawn to our liking. See our Products tab to view each turf and their characteristics.


TruGrass Commercial Benefits and Features


-No mowing, watering or chemicals

-No mud or bare spots

-No scheduled maintenance

-No aerating or dethatching

-No lead or other heavy metals


-Saves time and money

-No bugs or pesky rodents

-Three and four blade colors for every region

-Safe for children and pets

-Always green and beautiful

-Easy to clean for pet owners