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Playground and Play Areas


TruGrass play systems are specifically designed for playgrounds. Using shock-absorbing underlayments (pads), systems can be engineered for fall heights of up to 12 feet. Soft polyethylene fibers reduce abrasion, while specially designed infill reduces heat and impedes microbial/bacterial growth. Featuring our
TruGrass turf products, our playgrounds looks like perfect grass in pristine condition, with virtually no maintenance…no watering, mowing, chemical treatments, aerating, topdressing, edging, allergens, etc. TruGrass is more durable than natural grass and looks much better than mulch, sand or rubber mats. Tot's Turf can be installed on any relatively flat surface, even asphalt or concrete


TruGrass Benefits and Features for Playgrounds and Play Areas


-Fall height rated up to 12+ feet

-Safe for children

-Will not displace like rubber mulch or engineered wood chips

-No mowing, watering or chemicals

-No mud or bare spots

-No scheduled maintenance

-No aerating or dethatching

-No lead or other heavy metals

-No bugs or pesky rodents

-Three and four blade colors for every region

-Always green and beautiful