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New fiber and turf construction developments in the mid-90's have created a safer, more natural appearance and feel in artificial grass surfacing. This is no longer the hard, abrasive artificial turf of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Today, these new generation systems are revolutionizing the athletic field market. It is our belief, and a critical component of our mission, that many of these same benefits apply beyond organized athletics and will play a key role in landscape architecture for years to come. Imagine:

   Perfectly groomed, low maintenance, environmentally friendly, waterless lawns for residences, multi-family dwellings, assisted living communities, office parks, commercial properties, etc.

   Golf greens and tee boxes requiring no mowing, water or chemicals/fertilizers

   Beautiful, green street and highway medians where there are minimal safety risks and traffic interruptions due to maintenance

   Airfield medians that do not attract birds that are hazardous to aircraft operations

   Athletic fields and recreational facilities that can be used around the clock, in any weather, with low operating costs

In all, artificial grass and synthetic turf products are far superior to older versions and ideal for many applications Please contact Turf Evolutions with our contact form or call 1-866-966-TURF (8873) today!